Moonbootica X Trap

Moonbootica X Trap

´MOONBOOTICA GUARANTEES THE FUN OF EXCESS´- Thats why we at Trap Skateboards decided to collaborate with the DJ Team KoweSix und Tobitob better known as Moonbootica

Its all about the Fun: At the party, on the Streets, on the board and wherever you might hang around! Corresponding with the US & EU premier of Moonbootica´s new video "Work Your Body" including our boys Ilja Judizki & Ian Preut the very limited Deck will be available at our Trap Shop on the 21th Febuary exklusive & on selected skateshops over the world. 

Hamburg based roots & connected history with Trap made this co-work almost destiny and came out to our very satisfaction. A simple white deck with the the iconic moonbootica necklace photo centred above our off-white Trap Logo // Limited to 100 pieces. 

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